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We work together with our
clients to create the conditions for
long-term purposeful performance.

This means giving attention to the system of processes, behaviours, mindsets and shared assumptions from which performance emerges.

This kind of magic is highly visible in professional sport, where the demands of fierce competition have driven the development of robust human systems of learning and improvement. Our craft has been developed in business but is inspired and informed by our intimate working relationship with Bath Rugby.  ​


Creating purposeful businesses is important work. Today’s complexity and uncertainty needs a different response from the past. Our organisations were built for simpler times where efficiency and consistency ruled. To support a sustainable world and a fair society, we need more purposeful and adaptable organisations.

While the stakes are high, our work is practical. We choose to work in the middle of the messiness of organisational life, where we focus on what is possible for business leaders today while nudging towards a different tomorrow.

With complex problems there are multiple routes to useful solutions and many starting points – some of which are listed below. We designed our work for early business impact (the what) as well as the improvement of the performance system (the how) and fuelled by higher purpose and direction (the why).


To get started we have two propositions or ‘doorways’ – GROWTH which begins at the top of the list and works down, and PURPOSE which goes from bottom to top. However, the world isn’t that neat, so we commence work in the place where the need is most pressing – start anywhere, follow everywhere.​ ​

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Female Rock Climber
  • Forming strategies for growth - deciding which markets and which products​.

  • Implementing new systems and processes for revenue generation​.

  • Designing new ways of organising to unlock greater empowerment.

  • Supporting the delivery of transformational change programmes.​

  • Naming the behaviours needed to live a change. 

Some of the areas we work with clients on

  • Identifying new mindsets and ways of thinking. ​

  • Developing the practices and skills to shift behaviours and mindsets​.

  • Running leadership development programmes​.

  • Coaching leaders and other key professionals​.

  • Enabling teams work together to achieve goals and raise performance.

  • Surfacing shared assumptions and attitudes that help or hinder performance​.

  • Planning cultural change.​

  • Advising on internal communication campaigns​.

  • Crystalising values to support the organisation’s direction.

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Thoughts and Opinions


Get in touch

With uniquely designed approaches to suit all needs, we invest as much time as possible building relationship with our prospective clients.

To start this process of building shared understanding contact Graham Abbey, Fp Founding Partner:

by calling on +44 (0) 7733015265

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