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Indoor Riding Arena

We focus on solving
immediate practical challenges
in ways that progressively
build the adaptability of an organisation.

We build long-term performance through a series of ‘small wins’ - progress comes in the same way as compound interest. ​​

We work with processes, behaviours, mindsets and shared assumptions. ​

We help confront issues and resolve conflict creatively, enabling ‘adaptive spaces’ in organisations where today’s challenges build tomorrow’s capabilities. ​​

Our ways of working are based on 4 principles:​

  • The Direction Principle – Holding the long-term and higher purpose while navigating today’s challenges​.

  • The Experimentation Principle – Moving forward by creating safe-to-fail mini-projects that drive learning of what works​.

  • The Evolution Principle – Transferring learning into strategies, systems and ways of working so that both the organisation and its people grow​.

  • The Participation Principle – Building dynamic, often temporary, teams in which decisions are taken by those closest to the impact​.


In short, we work on systemic change – being concerned with wholes as well as parts.​


People own what they help to create

Real change happens in real work 

Those who do the work, do the change

Connect the system to more of itself

Start anywhere, follow everywhere

The process you use to get to the future, is the future you get

Myron's Maxims

One of our favourite ideas, that brings much of our understanding of systemic change together is from Myron Rogers.


Known simply as Myron's Maxims they state:

Screenshot 2020-08-24 at 09.24.03.png

Thoughts and Opinions


Get in touch

With uniquely designed approaches to suit all needs, we invest as much time as possible building relationship with our prospective clients.

To start this process of building shared understanding contact Graham Abbey, Fp Founding Partner:

by calling on +44 (0) 7733015265

or emailing

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