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We each have a view of the world but while its important to recognise that, we also ensure we look outward to others for fresh thinking and inspiration

We created Fp in response to the ever-growing complexity and uncertainty facing our organisations.​

We recognise the need for new capabilities and approaches to break the habit of doing what we have always done - just harder and faster. ​

2020 underlined that need dramatically. ​

Farleigh Performance supports businesses to solve their most challenging problems, as the means to transform into purpose-led, performance-driven and value-creating organisations.​

Having Bath Rugby and Bath Rugby Foundation as part of the family, allows us to integrate their lessons on performance - human, team and societal - with our own hard-won experience of developing leaders and organisations in the world of business.  ​

Times of disruption never impact everyone equality. Those with resources often thrive, those without struggle. We are seeing this inequality amplified right now and with Farleigh Performance, we are setting out to be part of closing the gap. Or should we say gaps, for this is a complex picture. Our focus is on businesses where responding to the needs of our communities is a vital source of innovation and impact.  ​

We are working to make Purposeful Performance commonplace.

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Our Operating Mindsets

Simplifying the Thriving in complexity ​
Not everything can be simplified, not everything should be. Every aspect of our worlds are becoming more complex.  We shift mindsets to navigate the complexity in order to thrive in it. ​


Learning Participation for growth  ​
Learning through doing is a well understood process for people to really engage with their subject. We go one step further and encourage full participative behaviour in order to fully embed new thinking and development.

Our experience means we know the answers the right questions to ask.
We embrace inquiry in order to deeply understand and challenge what’s really going on. ​

We’ll fix that for you create the conditions for you to solve your own issues. ​
Sustainable and authentic change can’t be ‘done to you’ - and we won’t try. We create and hold the spaces for you to solve your own problems, the way only you can.  ​


Leading Living with Purpose​
Each of us can only be effective and valuable as parts of something bigger when we recognise ourselves as whole too.  ​

Planning and product  Experimentation and emergence ​
Our grounding is robust, our experience deep and varied which allows our approach to be flexible and ever emerging.  ​

Our unique model Curating what’s right ​
We will never stake our flag into a single model or approach - one size does not fit all. Instead, we ensure we are model and theory agnostic in order to bring together the right people and the right thinking at the right time.  

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Thoughts and Opinions


Get in touch

Get in touch

With approaches to suit different needs, we invest as much time as possible building relationship with our prospective clients.

To start this process of building shared understanding contact Graham Abbey, Fp Founder and CEO:

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