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Every client is unique, because every person in their organisation is unique - there may be similarities but a 'copy and paste' approach simply won't deliver sustainable change

“It gave them a really different idea of leadership – to bring people with them rather than a top-down approach…. It gave them a confidence with their teams …Many said they had developed knowledge and skills that they will take into their future careers.”

Ruth Burchell, the Dyson Institute 


Skills Programme

Leaders at the beginning

of careers

FMCG and education industry

Engineering and manufacturing

Facilities and offices globally

Introducing 21st Century Leadership to Engineers at the start of their careers 


“Our Purpose journey began with one question – ‘What is Devro’s core reason for being - where can we have a unique, positive impact?’

We then gave everyone in the organisation the opportunity to be involved in unearthing our Purpose, which was an important step on our journey to build a more connected global business.  

And, now, seeing the motivation and energy our Purpose has generated throughout the organisation is inspiring. It has been a defining step for the business, uniting us as a global organisation, and helping to shape our future.”

Rutger Helbing, CEO. Devro

Unearthing authentic purpose

c. 1500 direct  participants

Food ingredients industry

Engineering and manufacturing

Facilities and offices globally


Unearthing a global purpose to bring people together and drive business forward

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With uniquely designed approaches to suit all needs, we invest as much time as possible building relationship with our prospective clients.

To start this process of building shared understanding contact Graham Abbey, Fp Founding Partner:

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