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Using today's challenges to build tomorrow's capacities and resilience

Proud to be part of the Bath Rugby family

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We work alongside businesses enabling them to solve their own problems and rise to their own challenges – creating a world of anti-fragile and purposeful organisations. ​

We do this in a way that builds their capacities, their relationships and their resilience, so that they may thrive in the challenges of the future.​


People come to us with all manner of challenges.

  • Some have a burning issue that they need to ​
    work on and to be worked through.


  • Some have a smouldering issue that they can ​
    see on the horizon or that they know they need ​
    to work on but has not yet become a high priority.​

  • Some simply believe that there is a better way
    to be in, and to do, business.​


Here's a few examples of burning or smouldering issues:

  • Unearth and live purpose ​

  • Accelerate business growth ​

  • Change culture to drive performance  ​

  • Develop leadership capability  ​

  • Create high-performing teams ​

  • Engage their workforce differently ​

  • Connect more meaningfully with their communities​

  • Implement new Performance Strategies

One of our many sources of inspiration and practice is sport. ​

And we love sport for more reasons than you might imagine.  ​

To see a professional rugby team in flow on the pitch is a thing of beauty. ​

A stutterless dance of players holding indisputable trust in one another about the next step, the next pass, the next kick. Moving silently through an unpredictable and fierce opposition - equally matched in every way.  ​

With relay runners we see the smooth, millimetre perfect handover of the baton. In netball the ability to see a number of chess-like moves ahead, fast, and pass-perfect, under and over the opposition. Racing, Tennis, Cycling, Hockey, even the newly popular Pickleball all require a level of trust in the players and the support team - trust that the vision is shared and trust that they have the ability to reach it.  ​

When any team is in the flow it's an inclusive and unifying experience. It’s a joy to watch, and to be a part of.  Hidden in the background is a performance system that enables everyone to deliver their best, learn and grow.​

We want to see more great teams in business in their flow too.  

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Thoughts and Opinions

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