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Sustained performance doesn’t come from just one thing - strategy, process, behaviours, purpose or even culture.
It is never just that
and nothing more.
And this has never been
more evident than right now.

We work with you to develop your organisation so that you can more consistently reach high-performance in these times of increased uncertainty and complexity – when even the definition of success is often changing. Consistent high-performance, whatever comes your way. ​

We bring practical expertise, as psychologists, people developers and communication specialists, who have all held management roles in organisations across the public, private and charity sectors.

Our shared capability is in the development of effective human systems.​

We are all experiencing the uncertainty and turbulence created by system struggling to respond to dramatic world events - pandemic, war, climate crisis, social inequality, Brexit. Costs are rocketing, inflation is driving wage demands, recruitment and retention is in crisis - to name but a few of the consequences. We are all feeling the pain professionally and personally. 


Purpose Podcast
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Graham and Sammy speak to Toby from thrivalism
about purpose and our view.

Surviving and then thriving in this environment needs a different relationship with and between your people. This is at the heart of our work. Purpose, trust and quality dialogue are the conditions that shift many of biggest challenges:










People Mgmt

Rising costs


Tropical Shapes

What does the work look like?

We work with you from within the flow of your daily business to tackle your version of these challenges and others. Our approach is to work with you and your people to find ‘quick wins’ but in a way that builds capability to tackle complex issues. Our unique access to high-performance sport supports us in disrupting unhelpful habits and inspiring new performance behaviours. ​

Every client assignment is unique. Each context has its own peculiarities, connections and relationships. We work to find the ‘difference that make a difference’.  This can look like Purpose Consulting, or Team Building, Performance Coaching, or Leadership Development, or something you can’t find a label for. We do interviews, workshops, coaching sessions, facilitated meetings, employee surveys, and much more.​

Every method shares a conversational approach that creates new understanding and changes the conditions from which high-performance emerges. This means we have no simple recipe for our work. We do like a theory or two and often use models or research from great thinkers both recent and ancient, but these simply help make more sense of our messy world - these models are more like props in a play than the main narrative.​

We create that story with you.

Step 1
The first step is understanding you, your context and your challenges - which itself often brings new insight and quick wins.

Step 2 and so on...
It is so tempting to try to tell you step 2 and 3 now too. But we genuinely don’t know and encourage you to be suspicious of anyone who claims to know. We build those steps together - one by one.

To do this we:

  • Connect to what matters – focusing on your most pressing challenges and your higher purpose ​

  • Release ’stuck’ thinking – bringing new perspectives from diverse sources​

  • Increase everyone’s freedom-to-act – raising participation and building capability​

  • Build stronger relationships – inside and outside your organisation, with all your stakeholders​

This is a different way of working together – using today’s challenges to build tomorrow’s capabilities. We get into the work from the very first conversation. It is effective, can be surprising and definitely more fun. ​

In our complex world everything is connected. We start our work where you are feeling the most pain – recruitment, retention, engagement, cost pressures or wherever – and we follow this everywhere, all learning as we go and building together a sustainable, high performance system.​

It is never just that and nothing more​

What we do

Thoughts and Opinions

Confidentially discuss today's biggest challenges

With uniquely designed approaches to suit all needs, we invest as much time as possible building relationship with our prospective clients. Some say that we start work long before a proposal even a consideration. 

Our coaching approach and our genuine interest in how we, as humans, organise ourselves into teams and businesses means that even initial conversations are often of great value and interest.

And we love talking all things people, performance and purpose so let's arrange a call.

To start this process of building shared understanding contact Graham Abbey, Fp Founding Partner and CEO:

by calling on +44 (0) 7733015265

or emailing

Proud to be part of the Bath Rugby family

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